is a web+mobile application that allows healthcare providers to prescribe their expertise to patients through bundles of short, single-topic videos called vidscriptions

How will help my practice?

Engage New Patients

Use your videos to forge trusted connections with new patients.

Patients are online seeking insights about their health. There is no shortage of health information online, for better or for worse. But patients are hungry for the relevant expertise that can only be provided by clinicians, and they don’t want to be 'marketed to'.

The videos you make can be discovered by new patients through your own website, through, through social media, and other online sources. Most importantly, your current patients will almost certainly share them with others through their social networks.

It’s time to stop marketing to new patients. Share your expertise, and they will seek you out.

Work Smarter

Maximize time with patients by prescribing your videos when they're not in the clinic

Do you find yourself giving the same short speeches to patients over and over? Ever wish you could make a copy of of you would have meaningful discussions with patients, and the other would do the rote education?

By capturing your expertise in short videos you can prescribe it to patients before the come to the clinic, while they sit in your waiting area, or after they leave. This can free you, and your patient, to discuss important matters of health, rather than consume your brief time together communicating the basic information they need.

Let your videos do the basic education, and you spend more time practicing medicine!

Improve Health Outcomes

Create educated and activated patients who are better partners in their own care

We know that patients forget much of what they learn at the point of care. It’s inevitable that this will impact health outcomes. But what if your patients could take you home with them?

When am I supposed to take this medication? What are my diet restrictions before surgery? Why is this vaccine important? What does sudden weight gain mean for my heart failure?

All of these questions can be answered through short, single-topic videos prescribed to patients by their own clinicians.

- Ronan Kavanagh, MD
Rheumatologist, Galway, Ireland

My videos help my patients learn about their complex medical condition at their own pace, and improve the interaction we have when we’re together in the clinic.

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Engage, educate, and activate patients by prescribing clinician's expertise to patients through short, single-topic videos, they can make themselves.

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Kevin Crosston, MD
Chief Medical Officer, North Memorial Healthcare

Sharing our physician's expertise with the community is the best kind of marketing we can do.

Who's prescribing vidscriptions?

Brian Stork, MD
Urologist, Muskegon, MI

I prescribe videos because I know that educated and activated patients are more engaged in their own care, get better outcomes, and cost less to treat.

About Us

A Minneapolis-based digital health startup, is a web+mobile application that allows healthcare providers to prescribe their expertise to patients through short, single-topic videos they can make themselves.

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